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Ultra Site


Ultra Site"UltraSite™ is an intuitive Microsoft Windows™ based program that uses animated graphics, icon buttons, and tabular and graphical data to display real time data from a supermarket. UltraSite combines the power and accessibility of being on-site with the convenience and speed of remote communication."

- Emerson Climate Technologies


UltraSite and Advanced, Inc.

UltraSite, allows a remote technician to download data, troubleshoot the system, or revise set points. UltraSite uses active buttons, pull-down menus, and pop-up dialog boxes to access this information. Animated graphics of refrigeration or building control components are available by simply highlighting that component on the UltraSite Directory Tree. Graphics and graphical floorplans are tailored to specific site configurations automatically during the initial setup. 

UltraSite allows for constant monitoring and troubleshooting from the Advanced Systems, Inc. technical support team. This feature reduces the need for a technician to be called out on a service call as many issues and alarms can be resolved and reset off site by the ADV-Support team, resulting in incredible savings of service and maintenance costs, getting your facility back up and running faster.

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