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Cost of Ownership

Cost of Ownership

  • The Cost of Ownership of a typical refrigeration system includes costs of energy usage, maintenance, installation, and cost of capital.
  • As shown in the diagram to the right, the costs of energy 
    required to run typical refrigeration systems is the largest cost of ownership.
  • Advanced's FortaCool® Variable Speed Refrigeration Systems greatly reduce energy usage costs as well as maintenance and service costs.
  Cost of Ownership

Energy Efficiency and Savings

Kwh Savings

  • The graph to the right shows Actual Kwh per day comparison between a Traditional Refrigeration System (RED) and a FortaCool Variable Speed System (BLUE) taken directly from a Customer's PG&E bills over an entire year's time.
  • This graph clearly shows energy usage being reduced by more than half, month in and month out compared to the previous year.
  KWh Savings

Energy Savings at Big Al's

  • Since switching to Advanced's FortaCool® Variable Speed Refrigeration System, Customer has realized an average savings of 437.5 Kwh per day each month on overall Energy costs.
  • Variable Speed Drives lower electric bills because the compressors only run at the speed necessary to match the refrigeration loads and greatly reduced demand charges because the compressors are "soft started"

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