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Marcus Wilson

Marcus Wilson

Vice President at Advanced, Inc.

Tuesday, 03 July 2012
Published in Refrigeration Systems

Andy's Market - San Rafael, CA

  • 48hp FortaCool® variable speed compressor rack.
  • 5 compressors totaling 48 horsepower
  • Roof-Mounted, insulated & weatherproof machine house
  • Roof-Mounted Condenser
  • CPC Computer programmed control system
  • Yaskawa VFD drives
  • R-507 Refrigeration


  • Customer had antiquated refrigeration system consisting of 15 existing "one-on-one" compressor condensing units taking up valuable space, some in the back room and others in hard to maintenance rooftop locations.
  • The current system was creating a large draw on electricity, resulting in excessively high power bills and took up a great deal of usable space in the back room that customer wanted to use for temporary product storage.
  • To meet demand of store upgrade and support new cases to be installed, customer needed a new, energy efficient refrigeration system that reduced the electricity bill, while also allowing for support of increased demand from new cases, and saved floor space.


  • Install contractor, RSI - Refrigeration Solutions, Inc. removed 15 existing "one-on-one" compressor condensing units totalling 78 horsepower in the back room and on the roof and replaced the old system with a 5 compressor, 48 horsepower,FortaCool® variable speed compressor rack in an insulated, weatherproof portable machine house and rood mounted condenser.
  • To save floor space and allow for easier accessibility, the compressor rack was built inside of an portable, insulated machine house and placed on the roof of the store.
  • Combined existing refrigeration branch lines to medium temp and low temp suction groups.
  • Monitor, temperature control, compressor speed control and alarm to each system to CPC refrigeration.
  • Converted all systems to R-507 refrigerant


  • Customer enjoys significant savings on monthly electric bill even after increasing demand from adding new cases.
  • Once unusable back room, now cleared out and used for value adding activities such as short term product storage and overstock.
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs on system and reduced overall time of service and maintenance from new ease of accessibility.
Tuesday, 03 July 2012
Published in Refrigeration Systems

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