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Cardena's Market Featured

Cardena's Market - Colton, CA

  • 100hp FortaCool® 1000 variable speed compressor rack
  • UL Listed System, Engineered and custom built to customer specs
  • Replaced conventional parallel compressor rack and several roof top units
  • 33.9% energy savings compared to existing system
  • CPC Computer programmed control system
  • Yaskawa VFD drives
  • Bitzer Compressors
  • Westermeyer High efficiency coalescing oil separator
  • Kriwan Optial eye compressor oil level control


  • Needed to supply Spanish Supermarket with refrigeration and energy
  • Low Cost of Ownership was very important to customer.
  • Existing antiquated system causing high energy costs and low reliability
  • Large product loss in the event of a failure required 24/7 monitoring and quick response time and troubleshooting.


  • RSI - Refrigeration Solutions, Inc. installed new FortaCool®, variable speed refrigeration system.
  • Compressors sized for multiple suction groups (Low-temp, medium temp, and high temp.) all in one easy to access location.
  • Computer programmed CPC controller allows for easy troubleshooting and system condition checks with easy to read alarm codes and descriptions.
  • UltraSite off site monitoring capability integrated into system and put on 24/7 system monitoring by Advanced, Inc.


  • New variable speed, FortaCool® refrigeration system supplies power to entire facility at lower energy usage with room for handling upcoming facility expansions.
  • New system will save 33.9% in energy consumption and costs compared to old system
  • Increased energy savings allow for quick payback period
  • Centrally located system allows for easier serviceability, higher dependability, and ability for 24/7 off-site remote monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Use of variable speed and computer programmed drives that control the compressors, reduces wear and tear on compressors resulting in lower service and maintenance costs as well as reduced peak demand electricity charges.
  • Integration of the FortaCool® UltraSite monitoring allows for constant off site monitoring and troubleshooting, leading to reduced service and maintenance costs as well as reducing product loss and response time.
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